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05 April, 2016
Best Tips For Moms in Labor

If you are a new mom or even a veteran mom, every pregnancy is different! Everyone always told me these God awful horror stories about labor when I was pregnant with my first son. It literally scared me so much that I started second guessing myself and having anxiety. Please don't let anyone do this to you!!!!!

All labors are not completely horrible, whether someone decides to tell you it is with their own horror story. Do things happen? YES! Can it be painful? YES 

The great news is we all have our own pain tolerance level. So my birthing experience pain might have sent someone else off the charts! 


I personally had two natural births for 2 very important reasons to me. First, I am deathly afraid of needles and always have been since I was a kid. Secondly, my pain wasn't to the point that I couldn't stand it and needed assistance. However, like I said above, some people have a different pain tolerance and need that extra assistance. There is no shame in that! Ladies if you find this to be you; go for it!!!! Although if you want to go the natural route here are some really great tips to get you through the pain.


Tips To Alleviating Pain During Labor


Music Therapy- There is nothing that gets the mind occupied than your favorite tunes in your ears. Don't forget to pack a pair of headphones with a device that has your favorite songs. Some moms choose smooth spa sounds to center themselves, while others choose a more upbeat tempo.

Exercise Ball- If your birthing hospital allows it or even has one on hand, try an exercise ball. Sitting on the exercise ball and rotating your hips in a circular motion can alleviate some of the pressure on your hips. 

PreBirth Yoga- Sign up for yoga. Prenatal Yoga practitioners reported less pain during labor, a small study in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice found, and it’s no surprise: The pairing of movement and breath builds endurance, teaches you to breathe deeply and helps you relax into discomfort, whether that’s Warrior pose or labor pains. Try visualization, too, recommends Scotka: Write down a scene that places you in a relaxing setting, like the beach where you spent your honeymoon. Fill it with sensory details (the sound of the surf, the smell of plumeria) and have your partner read it to you when a doozy of a contraction hits. Hearing it will trigger the relaxation response, making it easier for you to mentally escape mid-contraction.

Supportive Labor Partner- Find yourself a supportive labor partner. Not all men are great at fulfilling this role; others are fabulous at it. Just find yourself someone (sister, mother, friend, doula) who supports your goal and is willing to be with you through the thick of it.

Massage- This is one of my favorites that I treasured during my contractions. Most women choose their husbands, but whomever your labor partner is can serve you well by knowing a few massage techniques. Lower back massaging is so soothing for back labor pain and also take the mom's mind off of her contractions a bit.


In the end when all is said and done, you are the mom and in complete control of your needs. Try and go into birth with a preplanned idea of what sort of birth you want. Also, have a plan B incase you need to slightly alter your original plan. Have courage and faith in your new endeavor to become a mom. It truly is worth all the hard work we moms put into creating a life and bringing them into the world. As soon as that precious bundle is in your arms, all the pain recedes right out the door and only love fills your heart. Good Luck Moms!!!!!!




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