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08 December, 2015
Baby Gifts: What's the craze?

So your sister is having a baby shower and you work a 40+ hour work week. What do you do when you barely have time to shop for your groceries, let alone a baby shower gift? You decide to do online shopping to avoid the hassle of shopping at 2 to 3 stores before you purchase a gift. Hopping from one store to next online is way faster and easier! Then the next question is what do I buy the baby. Do I just buy clothes or a toy? Do I buy something useful for the mom, like a breast pump or bottle warmer? There are so many options!!!! 

Don't stress yourself out and get overwhelmed by all the choices. Simply put your trust in Lavish Baby Baskets. We guarantee a gift that will not only dazzle, but is completely 100% useable for baby and mom. Check out our latest craze of diaper cakes or our cute gift baskets for the little one on its way. Each of our gifts carry all the necessities a baby would need and they come gift wrapped already for you. You also get a wonderful and affordable  baby gift with one set fee for shipping. What's not to love when all the work is done for you!

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