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20 December, 2015
Top 9 Baby Shower Themes

Picking out a baby shower theme is always a tough one! We get so caught up in the gift registries and buying baby shower gifts, diaper cakes for table centerpieces, and when the exact date to have the shower best fits family's schedules. So I thought why not give others a few of the cutest baby shower themes to help them plan their special day. So here are the Top 9 Baby Shower Themes:

1. How could you not love this cute Easter Bunny Themed Baby Shower? It is completely adorable and makes it easy to find bunny themed baby shower gift ideas! 


2. Monkeying Around is such a sweet spin on the safari themed baby shower! I can just imagine all the cute animal onesies and clothing people will buy as baby shower gifts to go with the theme. I love the background picture the most and those adorable animal shaped cookies. 

3. Gender reveal baby showers are all the rage right now! I thought this was a cute themed idea to reveal if your baby is a boy or girl. What do you think?

4. Here is another gender reveal baby shower theme. Find out if you are having a little Buckaroo or a Sweet and Sassy Cowgirl! Look at the little milk jugs with cowboy hats. They are absolutely adorable and precious!!!!!!

5. Down on the Farm for this little bundle that is soon to arrive. I don't know what there is not to love. With the cute animal themed cake pops and red and white checkered table cloths, this is sure to be a baby shower to remember!

6. Rubber Ducky has been a universal character associated with babies. When you see them, you think of a cute baby in a soapy tub and the smell of Johnson and Johnson baby lotion after baby is all washed and clean. So I just had to add this Baby shower theme to the list. Plus imagine all those cute rubber ducky baby shower gifts and the diaper cake that you could have made to go with this theme!

7. OMG!!!!!!! How adorable is this nautical boys baby shower! I absolutely love the sailboat candles for the tables and the fishing net on the main table!

8. Every little boy deserves a brown Teddy Bear! This theme is very common amongst Moms-To-Be of little boys. I have seen quiet a different pictures of this theme, but this one just won out over the rest.

9. As a kid I enjoyed all the stories in the Peter Rabbit Series. So this Peter Rabbit theme is definitely on the list of Top 9 Baby Showers. Look at that adorable cake they had made! I am sure the family had a field day with buying this mom baby shower gifts.



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