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28 December, 2015
What Moms Really Need for the Hospital

It is finally time to deliver your baby and you are super nervous. Did you remember everything you needed? I remember with my first child I really over packed! I think I packed as if I was going on vacation for a week. LOL : ) 

My second trip to the hospital was much more rational as I packed. Plus, it saved my shoulder carrying a lighter bag along with a baby in a car carrier, as I left the hospital to go home. So what exactly do you need to pack before the wondrous birth of your baby?

Here are few tips: 

1. Cozy clothes and pajamas that are roomy and breathable. Trust me you won't want anything tight and constricting after delivering your baby. Think back to your college days of sweat pants and hoodies. It's all about comfort, comfort, and more comfort!!!


2. The most important thing for baby is his/her coming home outfit! Make sure it is reasonable for the season they are born in and that it is soft comfortable material. Prewash baby's clothes in Dreft before packing. Your baby will have very sensitive skin when they are first born.


3. Toiletries that make you feel good and your make up. I am not a huge makeup person after delivering. I just had a baby for goodness sake! However, I do like the essentials (lip gloss, liquid foundation). I am not overly fond of the hospital razors and shampoo/soap items; so I bring my own travel size bottles of my favorite products. Also try and bring your own sanitary napkins for heavy flow because the hospitals are not the greatest. 


4. Baby's car carrier is very important. So make sure you have it all ready to go and the base is buckled in tight. 


5. Snacks!!!!!! After my children I was starving and the hospital food is pretty non-fullfilling. 



6. Baby diapers and supplies. Most hospitals carry these items to get you started, but if you have a baby like my son you'll need your own. He had a diaper and wipe sensitivity and my diapers from home didn't bother him. 


7. If you are like me you will find yourself either doing one of 3 things; eating, sleeping, or trying to keep yourself busy until you can go home. So if you want you can also throw in a few things to do like: crossword puzzle, magazines/book to read, and whatever you enjoy to do in your down time. 


8. A camera or phone with camera to capture all the moments of bringing your baby into the world and meeting family for the first time! 


There are always some other items you can include: comfy socks/slippers, extra undies, sleep helpers, nursing aides, yoga pants, a robe makes it easier for breastfeeding, an extra pillow and blanket for hubby, and etc. 

All in all you will still forget some things, but as long as you have your main essentials you will be just fine. Also don't forget to try and pack a bag early so you are not rushing around at the last minute. This of course helps with not forgetting what you need! Good Luck Mommies!!!!!!!!


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