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09 January, 2016
Realistic Baby Shower Gifts Moms Actually Need

When I was going through my first pregnancy, I was so excited to start my baby shower gift registry. I couldn't wait to take the scanner and beep everything in sight until my heart was content. So off I went to my favorite store Target!

When I was in the baby section, I became overwhelmed with all the blue and green shades of boy cuteness! My theme was going to be underwater sea creatures. I am originally from Florida and wanted to gaze at the ocean themes while rocking in the nursery with my baby. 

I beeped everything in sight with my scanner. Ocean themed hooded bath towels....beep! Bottle warmer...beep! Onesies with cute little crabs and whales...beep...beep!!! I went crazy in there! 

When my shower finally arrived, I realized my gifts were so unorganized with what I chose on my baby shower gift registry. I ended up with so much bath stuff, my baby was going to be the cleanest baby in history! 

After my first year of being a Mommy, I realized only half of my baby shower gifts were actually beneficial. Realistically this 5 things were actually what I really could have found helpful!!!!!!


1. Baby First Aid Kit

You don't realize how handy it will be to have a kit like this on hand, until you have a miserable crying baby that can't be comforted no matter what you do! Mylicon drops for baby colic and gas, tylenol for fevers, and motrin my true life saver through teething! Definitely a must have Moms. : )


2. Breastfeeding and Bottle Essentials

Mom's don't realize that your arm gets super tired holding baby while feeding them. So my favorite arm saving gift was a Boppy pillow. I know many friends who were concerned with breast pumps, but forgot the necessity of creams to help dry cracked and sore breasts. There are some really great breastfeeding kits geared towards mommy's care while feeding. As far as bottle feeding, which was my choice due to health issues, I love the bottle stater kit! Some even come with bottle warmer and bottle brushes included, which are immensely helpful. 


3. Baby Bath Seat


We all love traditional bath tubs, but gone are the days of bulky and hard to clean baby tubs. These two baby seats were my absolute favorite baby shower gifts with my second child. The first is when they are small and can easily fold up and be stored away. The second is when they sit on there own and it keeps them stable so they can play in the tub. They were so absolutely useful!!!


4. Baby Thermometer

I remember my first son waking up at 3 am crying and feeling warm. As I held him close rocking and trying to sooth him, it donned on me, I don't have a thermometer to take his temperature. So I blindly gave him tylenol and held cool rags on his forehead like my mom used to do for me as a child. We took him to the doctor later that morning and rushed to grab a thermometer while picking up his prescriptions. Thermometers are such an easily forgettable baby shower gift, but they come in super handy when you need them!  


5. Formula Dispenser

These formula dispensers were an awesome baby gift baskets! They saved me so much time when making bottles. They also made it so much easier to travel and make bottles on the go. Every Bottle feeding Mom needs one of these in her kitchen and diaper bag!!!!

Some of these items may not be the glamorous or eye catching of baby shower gifts, but they are very practical. So the next shower you go to or even if you are the Mommy making her list; remember these 5 key baby shower gift items. You won't be sorry!!!!!

We include the best essentials and save you the step of store shopping and gift wrapping! It is all done for you and wrapped with a pretty bow : )



March 21, 2017

Best I have ever used is the Karmin baby milk maker (Y)

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