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13 January, 2016
Top Baby Boy Gifts 2016

You finally found out a baby boy is on his way and it is time to buy a baby shower gift. What do you buy that the mom-to-be will need? Most people buy the basics like clothes, bath towels/washcloths, baby stroller, high chair, and baby walker. Those are such basic traditional gifts. Please don't get me wrong; those are much needed items, but do you just want to be plain and traditional. Why not give a gift that is not only useful, but also eye-catching! Here are the TOP 5 baby shower gifts for boys for 2016.


1. Treat your handsome little boy to this cute coming home outfit. He will look like a perfect little gentleman!


2. Diaper cakes are all the craze the last few years and this year they will grace even more baby showers. They are the perfect baby shower gifts and completely practical!


3.  The Baby Bean Bag is an absolute genius spin on a bouncer chair. It is so comfy for baby and they are safely strapped in for their peaceful slumber. My friend received this for a baby shower gift and absolutely loved it!


4. The Crying Baby Analyzer 

Consumers claim this device is 90% accurate in determining why your baby is crying.


5. The Traveling Crib 

This would have came in handy with my boys when we traveled on vacation! I think this is a really clever baby shower gift. It has so many multiple uses that every mom would love to be able to do. 


Happy Shopping Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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