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22 January, 2016
Top Fun Bath Tub Baby Shower Gifts Toys

Every Mom-To-Be receives tons of baby cloths, blankets, and baby furniture (walkers, bouncers, high chairs, etc...). Why not put a fun spin on your baby shower gift and buy something for baby to enjoy in the tub! I have found some of the cutest bath time friendly items that any mom would love to get at her baby shower.   : )


Bath Tub Toys 

Toys are a very essential part of bath time for a baby. It helps keep them stimulated while mom or dad is busy washing them, so they are squeaky clean! 


If your kids are anything like mine they probably love Nick Jr's Peppa Pig. I found this absolutely adorable Peppa Pig themed bath set at Toys R' Us and my kids went bonkers for these toys!!!! Here are a few different sets and hey you can always get more than one *wink, wink* for a baby shower gift.  ; )



Bath Tub Safety


Moms and Dads always worry about baby being safe during bath time. Babies are so small and pretty delicate when you first bring them home. The first 2 weeks most parents sponge bath their baby before venturing to an actual bath tub. So here are a few items sure to put mom and dad at ease while still allowing baby to enjoy their bath! 


Bath Chairs:



Bath chairs are a really nice way to keep baby clean and safe. I received both of these bath chairs as a baby shower gift and I thoroughly enjoyed them with both of my boys!



Bath Time Essentials


There are so many awesome bath time essential gift sets you can buy moms anymore for her baby shower gifts. I remember getting a Johnson and Johnson baby wash gift set and an Honest company one too. I absolutely loved both of them! Burts Bees is another fabulous company, but I usually stick with Johnsons because I am addicted to their baby lotion. It just smells so darn good!!!! Oh, don't forget baby towels and washcloths too or those adorable little robes to wrap baby up in tight. 








See bath time can be preciously sweet and a very clever baby shower gift for Mom and Dad! There are so many helpful and fun essentials that baby needs, all while helping ease the stress off parents while taking care of them. Happy shopping and I hope this gives a helpful insight on your baby shower gift!!!! 

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