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08 March, 2017
Barely Coping with Parenthood

Have you ever found yourself locked in your bathroom crying? Frustration evident with every tear that streaks down your face. Self talking yourself through this tough time in your life. Then you just might be a mom! 


There are so many days I want to just throw the covers back over my head and shut the world out. Waking up to kids screaming and yelling does not make for a glorious morning. Yet I drag myself, half unwilling may I add, out of bed to start my day as a mom. The first words coming out of my mouth are, "Quit screaming and tell me what's wrong". Already the tone of my day has been set for me to be in a bad mood. Now it's time for breakfast.


I am scrambling around the kitchen as the kids argue they want this or don't want this for breakfast. Then just when I think I have it all sorted out, my toddler loses his shit over me not giving him the right spoon. I'm sorry they all look the damn same to me! After cleaning up and wiping food filled faces; it's time for activities. I try and plan as much as I can to keep them entertained. Yet I spend more time being a referee than fun mom. "Don't do that to your brother. We don't hit each other. Quit screaming and whining. We share our toys with each other." The list goes on and on. In my mind all I am thinking is God is it nap time yet; I need a break

After lunch and cleaning up; I fight with them to lay down for nap. I scream silently in my head, "Please lay down for my sake before I lose my mind." Okay it's quiet and maybe I can get a bath. I smell like something out of a sewer and look like it too. I mean I have had snot, paint, food, and slobber rubbed on me all day so far. I fill up the tub and sink into the gloriously warm water and soap bubbles. Just as I close my eyes I hear, "I have to poop." Ugh you have got to be kidding me! I scramble out of the tub throw my robe on and deal with the bathroom issue. I sink back in my tub and once again, "Mom I am thirsty." Good Lord I can't even bath in peace!!!!


Does any of this sound similar to you yet? Moms even though we struggle to stay sane all day long, 365 days a year; I promise it is going to be worth it. At least that's the mantra I hear repeating in my mind over and over again. I find that mantra, a glass of wine, and yes a good husband that gives me breaks from time to time; help me stay sane. 

Don't feel down on yourself if you have to step away for a few minutes or yes lock yourself in the bathroom for a good cry. You are not alone and there are so many moms, including myself, that go through the struggles of parenting. Don't be afraid to talk it out. Voice your opinion to your spouse or a family member. Sometimes they can help and surprisingly have really good advice. Seek a professional therapist for help if those two aren't options for you. 

Most importantly my fellow moms; don't lose you! Give yourself a break for all the time and awesome energy you put into your kids. Go get your hair and nails done to feel beautiful. Hire a babysitter to get away for a little bit because you deserve it. Always remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

One day when your kids are grown up they will look back and say my mom was the greatest, most loving mom ever. You can then look at the result of all your blood, sweat, and tears that you put into being a mom and see the awesome kid/kids that you raised. Good Luck ladies; we got this!!!!!



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