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06 November, 2016
Best Solutions for Picky Eating Kids

Picky  Eaters Guide

First off, try and be a good role model for your child. If you are eating healthy foods the possibility of your child eating healthy increases the likely hood that they will too. Eating a healthy balanced diet with fruit, veggies, good carbs, and protein. So setting a good example is key. The blender worked wonders for me. Plain yogurt and some fruit was a hit at my house! It is a great way to get extra fruit and fiber in their diet.


Another idea for the older children is to get  them involved in helping out with preparing  snacks and meals. My two toddler boys enjoy helping me prepare meals and they get excited about eating what they helped make. Keeping portions on the smaller side is also a great idea. Sometimes children get overwhelmed with too much on the plate. So keeping portions smaller allows them to relax more at meal time and they can always request more.

Another idea is to make meal time fun. Have a contest with a reward after meals, if they clear their plate or for trying a new food for the first time. Offer something you know they really like. My mom tried this tactic with my two boys and it worked! Getting creative trying different ways to prepare food. I always hated Brussel sprouts,  my mother cooked them different ways and now I like them. Don't get discouraged just because your child turns their nose up at something. Keep an open mind to another way of preparing such foods.

Another idea is to keep things interesting serving the same old thing gets boring. Try to keep things exciting and fresh with a variety of  nutritious foods. Well we have talked about variety but one thing I would like to discuss is when introducing a new food to your child weather they are an infant or a toddler always try one thing at a time. This is important because if your child has an allergic reaction it makes it much easier to pin point what that food was. My oldest son well, he is not so picky when it comes to food and he will snack on a variety of different things. He had an allergic reaction to something and broke out in a rash. At first I thought it was laundry soap  or he came into contact with something that irritated his skin. After a trip to an Allergist we found out he was allergic to a preservative in bread. So go slow and keep an eye on things for a few days before adding the next new food on the menu.

As for the child that just refuses to try anything, there are supplement drinks and shakes out there that will aid in nutrition. If you are experiencing this problem with your child always consult your Doctor or Pediatrician first. This will ensure your child is getting the vitamins and minerals they need for healthy growth and development. Well that being said, have fun keep it light and before you know it your menu will be growing with foods that are super healthy and nutritious!


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