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22 July, 2016
Disciplining Your Kids: Does It Ever Stop?

Disciplining Your Kids: Does It Ever Stop?

I have been listening to my kids scream back and forth for the last hour or more. I am at the point where I just can't bring myself to intervene. I think I might blow my top and start screaming like one of the gangsters in The Godfather movie!

The last argument (out of like 50) was over my oldest son's imaginary pet looking at my other son wrong. REALLY!!!!! They fight over the most insane things. After 10 minutes of listening to Michael my youngest yell, “Stop staring at me”, I am about to lose my mind. So I go over and try to break up the whole situation. After what seems like an eternity of negotiating, my youngest looks at my oldest son Nicolas and says, “I want him to look angry at me.” So the whole fight was over the imaginary cat smiling at him instead of being angry. AGHHHHH!!!!!!

Why do kids fight over these things? I always saw my life as a mom being awesome. We would all get along and do arts and crafts, play outside, play board games as a family, etc.. Instead I spend most of my day redirecting bad behaviors and referring fights. Surely you other moms feel the same and I am not alone, right?

The sad part is it is so hard to discipline your kids anymore. Especially in public!!!!! I can sympathize with parents that are in the store trying not to blow their top while their kid is screaming at the top of their lungs. As a fellow mom I know how embarrassing that situation is and the pressure you feel in how you are going to deal with the situation. Society has put so many limitations on us as parents.

I can remember my sister trying to steal a candy bar from the store and my mom smacking her hand and telling her to put it back after telling her no she couldn't have it three or four times. She simply stated it wasn't right to steal and she was disappointed in my sister because she was taught better. Some woman that was observing, mumbles loud enough for my mom to hear, “It's a wonder kids are abused these days.” My mom was furious and told the woman to mind her own business and would she rather allow my sister to steal.

This is what is wrong with our society and why parents struggle with out of control kids. Gone are the days where a simple swat on the rear end is okay. Now people act like you are abusing your child to the worst extreme, as if you were murdering your child. Really folks, I was smacked on the butt quite a few times and I am perfectly normal. I didn't have psychological or physical damage. Kids learn at a young age to speak up against their parents with any slight form of discipline. Children our threatening parents to call child services over not getting a toy, going out with friends, or some other small trivial situation. Sadly kids run their parents! 

We need to stop being so scared to act out and teach our kids manners. There is a bible verse I always remember: Proverbs 13:24; Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.

I am not saying to sadistically beat our children within an inch of their lives, I am simply saying teach them to respect you as a parent. When they learn to respect us as parents, then they follow suit and respect others outside of the family household (teachers, elders, pastors, employers, a spouse etc...). We all need to band together and start changing this world; starting with our youth. If we have more disciplined youth, than we can have a stronger nation again!



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